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Supporting Neurodiversity Conference - 5 October 2017

A conference for Adults, Parents, Carers and Professionals supporting children, young people and adults with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADD, SLI.  The National Agenda on a local level.

Acomb Methodist Church, 40 Front Street, Acomb, York YO24 3BX  9.30am to 3.00pm.  To book a place go to - £5 covers refreshments but bring your own lunch.


It was good to be at a workshop where everyone could benefit – families and ‘professionals’. We were sitting together listening to someone else share their wise words and there was no ‘us’ and ‘them’ between service users and service providers.

Anon, from the family information and activities day

Thanks for organising the session today which was very helpful. I've submitted a request for an assessment.

Personal Budgets Session

As a healthcare professional it was lovely to see the effort that CANDI are putting in to pull services together and support families in the area.

Anon, from the family information and activities day

A great session, got some brilliant info about the max card. Good having people from so many different areas in one place

Anon, from the family information and activities day

Thank you for arranging yesterday’s meeting, I found it very helpful.

Autism Diagnosis

What We Do

  • We seek to improve and promote services available to families.
  • Encourage and promote inclusive attitudes
  • Promote disability equality and challenge discrimination
  • We produce responses on consultations, guidance and changes in legislation with the Local Authority and National Network of Parent Carer Forums.